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anchors aweigh
2004-09-12 @ 10:02 a.m.

“You stay on the boat until it sinks and you either drown, or you find some piece of garbage to hang onto for awhile longer. Go ahead and decide whether you're my piece of garbage or I'm yours.'”

I came across this bit of wisdom from a source from where wisdom has often been accidentally imparted.

Sal is getting irksome. He’s alternating between grief and disbelief and anger over the events that have ended his marriage. He imagines being able to divorce his wife (he plans to wait until the charges are dismissed so he can use that in the divorce) and he also marvels that she hasn’t filed divorce papers. He wonders what this means.

He wants myself and the girls there at all times to help motivate and distract him. I think it scares him how much he misses his hateful and disloyal wife, and he wonders if this makes him crazy. In spite of his theory of family as flotation device, I can see that this isn't working for him very well. I think family works a little better as an anchor, but Sal is a crazy great white shark that could drag us anywhere if we weren’t careful.

He wonders what she’s thinking about what she’s doing and everything that’s happened and can’t speak to her. He worries that she might show up at any given moment being that she knows where he lives. He believes he should move from that apartment to rectify this paranoia.

Personally, I think if he moves, he’ll just feel lost and invisible to her and that will freak him out rather than comfort him, but what do I know really?

I know one thing for sure; I’m not going to be Sal ’s piece of garbage just to keep him alive.

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