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A farshlepteh krenk
2004-09-19 @ 10:16 a.m.

I was inspired for several entries by comments by Carrie, and devian, (not to mention for some weird reason, every time I read everoboto or maskedmofo it somehow leads me to thinking about Steve Van Zandt and/or his radio show which I must find more about. Because I will google a band name- and inevitably, a link appears because itís been on the playlist for Little Stevenís radio show. This makes perfect and total sense to me, and also somehow, makes me feel left out. Why am I not listening to this radio show? Do I need to move to NYC to be able to? Because I just mightÖ)

But todayís entry is going to be out of sympathy for littlebub. I will talk about my long-standing history with the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

When I lost my virginity, I got a bladder infection. I figured it was to further impress upon me that I was too young to be having sex after all (I was 14. Shut up ĖI was very very curious). Being that I had come to this decision independently, I really resented the bladder infection. It was treated with antibiotic cream (like Monistat, but it was definitely a bladder infection) and the whole curing process sucked beyond belief.

When I met my first real boyfriend Billy, at age 18, and began to have sex regularly, I also began to get UTIs regularly. They were even worse. I went through every recommendation imaginable Ėdrinking cranberry juice, going to the bathroom before and after sex, and all that, but my doctor actually concluded that our biochemistry just set something off in me,(which makes sense because the UTI action didnít begin until I was on the pill and we stopped using condoms) and eventually (after 6 UTIs in 8 months) prescribed an antibiotic for me to take every time I had sex, right after, preventively.

Nice. But it totally worked.

This was good, because there is no kind of wussy, like the wussy I am when I have the slightest fever. I mean it. I could have a temp of 99 degrees and I will be hysterically upset. Combine that with feeling like you have to pee constantly, only to find you donít/canít and when you can it burns? Itís not a romantic honeymoon of love.

I didnít have one again for years. Once, I accidentally took some ephedrine, (how does one accidentally take ephedrine? You have a friend who gives you a first aid bottle of pain killers, aspirin that also arbitrarily includes ephedrine and you take 2 ephedrine instead of the aspirin you intended) and I left work because taking ephedrine can cause you to feel like you have to pee when you do not. The bonus is thereís no burning pain. I learned that if you only take about a half an ephedrine and drink a lot of beer, you can stay up after bar easily and still get no false UTI symptoms. I guess you flush it out of your system or something. Anyway, once you realize that you have no fever and just false symptoms, the symptoms are easier to deal with.

About 4 years ago, after not having a bladder infection for over ten years, I got a doozy. I obviously had a fever, but not too much discomfort, and I didnít feel really lousy until about the 4 day of symptoms. Turns out I had a HUGE UTI and when I went to urgent care I had a fever of 102. The nurse was PISSED at me. Thatís what happens after youíve experienced childbirth. Other pain and discomfort becomes pithy and ineffective. Even the discomfort that drove you completely out of your mind at 18 seems bearable, and nothing to be absent over.

Such is life. You learn from your experience. Really you do. Itís just not at all practical knowledge and cannot further you in life in any way.

find out what my title means.

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