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picnic 2004 (what a difference a year makes)
2004-09-20 @ 8:35 a.m.

We went to the adoption picnic on Saturday. It was a nice day, and it was really fun to watch April play. She’s absolutely hilarious. There was a moment when her 10 yr old brother was showing her the temporary tattoo he had on his forehead-(it was a cat) and April said it was a “miaow” and then she kissed it, and immediately afterwards went into peals of laughter because she clearly saw how funny it was that she just kissed a cat that was on her brother’s forehead.

The mina followed her around playing, helping, and encouraging her the whole time. Everything was “good job April!” and it was extra fun because April’s mom is the mina’s Kindergarten teacher, so- well, I’m not actually sure why that makes it “extra” fun, but it was.

I found out that I was paid for being on the birthmother panel I was on months ago! I was asked to appear again in December, and I would have said yes regardless, but I like $20, I will accept $20 almost anytime it is offered to me. I will be getting a new check for the March appearance, because the one that was found was over 6 months old.

It had been a year since Sal had seen April in person. This was largely due to KGB’s ridiculous bitterness and additional issues regarding the pregnancy, birth, and adoption. I have heard him say that he was at peace with the adoption, and that he knew that April was in the right place, but I wasn’t sure I believed it until Saturday. It was a really good feeling.

So anyway, a good time was had by all.

PS- The Mina was stung by a bee! There is no history of bee allergies in either family, but as we comforted her I did pause to think and say “If she was allergic the trouble would’ve already started, right?” So poor brave Mina (and April comforted her saying “uh oh baby”) but it’s good to know. Is that mean?

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