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Zog a por verter
2004-09-25 @ 10:02 a.m.

Thursday night, I didn't get my check.

I tried really hard not to freak out. I was disappointed, because I was going to cash my check and take the girls for Burger King.

Not getting my check in the mail Thursday, could mean several things.

1) That I would get it on Friday (the most likely).
2)That something was screwed up with payroll and I wasn't getting a check (very unlikely).
3)That my request to cancel my direct deposit wasn't processed and my check would be deposited directly into my overdrawn account. (this was 50% likely to happen and would really really suck).

I did a pretty good job at not freaking out.

I got my check in the mail Friday, and was able to pay everyone I was supposed to. $300 cash to daycare made me feel really good. Like the hounds of hell were not actually on my tail.

When I was trying to not freak out on Thursday night, my friend Cilla called and invited the girls and I over for dinner to relax. It was a reassurring plan in the event that #3 occurred.

So after I picked up the girls we headed to the House of Knoll and I spent the evening hanging out with Cilla and Eugene (12 yrs my junior). We went to the tobacco store (which is always fun) and I looked at lots of tempting imported cigarettes and cigars and I didn't buy nothing, because I am so cheap.

But I did buy 2 pairs of knee socks because a good pair of knee socks solves any problem.

And to my suprise Eugene bought a tin of the delightful perfect cohiba cigars for me as a gift. They're called "pequenos" and it was very nice of him.

He told me that once, when he was younger (and my question from that would be, what could be younger than 24?) he had shaved his head and would wear black t-shirts under a dark blazer, and since he felt he looked like he was in the Russia mafia already he needed a finishing touch. What he did, was he found something to wear on a chain around his neck. It wasn't an actual hood ornament, but instead the word "Oldsmobile" in chrome.

If that's not endearing, then I don't know what is.

Then we all ate a varied dinner that included an amazing green bean and baby potato salad and we just hung out and were tired all of us together.

It was nice. I actually feel a little rested.

Or at least not emotionally exhausted.

And I went an entire 36 hour period only speaking to Sal twice.

And I looked at the mobile home, and I really hope that we can figure out some kind of contract for deed deal because it's HUGE. 1125 sq feet. Two baths, 3 bedrooms. We have 6-8 months to try to figure something out. Which is slower than I'd like, but should work.

As long as next Friday, Oct 1, when I apply for emergency assistance, they help me and I'm not evicted.

That would shorten the timeline a lot.

But that's not for today.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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