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delusions from a tightrope
2004-09-28 @ 11:11 a.m.

I am questioning my current state of well-being. In reality I am totally on a tightrope. On Friday, Oct 1st- I have to go to make my Emergency Assistance application with the county I live in, for assistance to prevent me getting eviction.

They probably will accept the claim.

I also am on warning for absences at work. I cant miss a day until after Nov 10th (to be safe) and not until after January to be really really safe.

But I am sort of skipping on my tightrope anyway for some reason.

To further my confusion over the state of my well being, the Daddyman is once again in contact with his crazy wife, who has told his lawyer that she lied to the police and that her husband never assaulted her.

Shes also apparently still going to crisis counseling and started attending church.

So she took the Daddyman to church with her Sunday night. Yknow, so she could show him that shes really going.

Let us all roll our eyes in unison in honor of this.

Sure, Im glad that the charges against him are probably going to be dropped entirely. Id be even gladder if there were charges brought against her by the city of Burnsville, because Im petty like that.

So as you can see, having hair like The Huntress, and wearing knee socks clearly puts you in a heady, if delusional, state of well being.

Which is good, because if I look down from this tightrope Im on, I am almost positive theres no net.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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