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Rolling Stones and kneesocks
2004-10-05 @ 2:23 p.m.

I have argyle knee socks. They’re medium gray with pink and fuchsia diamonds. They happen to match one of my favorite shirts that I had packed away because it was kind of obscene how it fit my chest since my last pregnancy. When I saw it might match I pulled it out, and once again it fits me wonderfully.

I am so cute I can’t even tell you.

But I am just rubbing it in that I haven’t gotten to take or post pictures of my new deep violet (or prune juice) hair. It’s so NOT AT ALL EGGPLANT, plopphizz so you better stop calling it that color or I might stop linking you.

I haven’t heard anything from my landlord. He probably missed the voice mail I left him yesterday. Or he’s torturing me, or something. He must not know how cute I am or he wouldn’t be avoiding me.

I really really want to listen to the Rolling Stones record Some Girls very badly. I heard one of my least favorite songs from that album the other day on the radio, and even that made me all frisky and glad. See if you can guess the song I heard on the radio. A hint is that it wasn’t “Miss You”. My favorite song from Some Girls is “Faraway Eyes”. So there are 2 eliminations in the guessing. My favorite record by the Rolling Stones is actually Let It Bleed, but that’s not the one I want to listen to right now.

I can't post a link to save my life today, apparently. Sorry.

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