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2004-10-11 @ 10:37 a.m.

Monday, October 11, 2004 (from
Your mind is keen, quick and witty -- so much so that you'll amaze your dear ones with what comes out of your mouth. Just be sure not to be petty or critical. Let tiny offenses slide.

I’m having a little trouble defining a “tiny offense”, can you help me?

The Daddyman and KGB are clearly reconciling. Although I was assured as recently as last Monday that she would not be EVER moving back into the apartment building he is currently the manager at, the girls told me that “half of her stuff” was moved into the apartment on Sunday, and “the rest” would be moved in on Monday.

This is someone who the Daddyman pled with me to file a restraining order against to protect the girls from her passive threats in August.

This is someone that he says he has to give new attention to because now she’s actually been diagnosed as having a personality disorder.

I told him, “Just because it’s now medically acknowledged that the reason her behavior is crazy is because she is, in fact, crazy doesn’t make it a good idea to hang around with her.” Because the diagnosis certainly is being met with any treatment. Other than church and abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Which, you know, is something she’s had terrific success with in the past.

Did I mention that with the young criminal she was hanging out with this summer that she was smoking meth? Isn’t that a lovely addition to her habits?

I have said over and over that I don’t want the girls in her presence.

So of course, now she lives in that apartment again. Yesterday she was there all day, and the behavior of letting the girls entertain themselves while daddy was sleeping was back in full force.

I’m full on pissed. But here’s the thing- what should I actually do? Because I believe I have every reason to be pissed because I was told she was implying she was a threat to my children to their father.

“You must know that she would never do anything to hurt the girls…”

How should I know that? Because she’s trustworthy? Because she doesn’t resent them? Because she’s in complete control of her actions as the diagnosis of a personality disorder might imply?

So is it me, just being pissed and trying to punish the Daddyman for this retarded choice on his part? Or is it because I have every reason to worry because not only do I not trust her judgment whatsoever, I don’t trust his judgment when he’s with her.

So crazy bitch bent on retribution? Or concerned mother?

Because I’m so mad and disappointed I really don’t know which is which.

It’s easier to let it go. But is letting it go the right action to take?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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