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the universe is stalking me
2004-10-20 @ 11:41 a.m.

You're in that mood again -- the mood to be close to someone. It's really a way of life for you, but it's going to be darned near impossible for you to resist the urge now. Why fight it?

This from my horoscope, which keeps implying Iím dallying in all kinds of social entwinements

In addition my inner soundtrack is ďCome What MayĒ from Moulin Rouge.


Certainly the fatigue, boredom, etc I spoke of the other day made increasing sense when I woke up with my period this morning. (And what makes you feel more like some retarded girl when you are trying to analyze your well-being based on the cause and effect of your actions and experiences and it boils down most ultimately to freaking hormones?) There's this insistence recently by my horoscope implying social activity and some overwhelming need of society to hold me in its bosom coupled with a soaring ďI will love youuuuuuuuntil the eeeend uvvvvvvvv vtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.COOOOOOME WHAT MAY!"

It's starting to freak me out.

I mean you get the idea right? Itís like the Universe is choosing to ignore that I am all right in my isolated little life and itís pretending instead that Iíve resumed a life that includes social activity, even more than that- it's implying directly that boys are knocking my door almost down, and pleading for me to please,be kind with their attentions. In addition, the newspaper and the moon and inanimate objects everywhere are also under this delusion and are crooning to me as I pass them each day.

Meh. I have other fish to fry first. You arenít even all that tempting with your musical overtures you silly mailbox. So stop harassing me.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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