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prelude to a brain pick
2004-10-28 @ 10:06 a.m.

I forgot all about the fact that I am having my brain picked about open adoption today by some strange guy who may or may not be looking for ammo to talk his friend, girlfriend, or one night stand into giving a baby up for adoption instead of whatever choice she might be inclined to make.

I was GOING to wear striped knee socks, oxford heels, and my denim jacket today, which would’ve definitely been a sexy/cutie pie outfit. I decided not to because the best top to wear with the aforementioned outfit is my t-shirt that reads; “Ms. Cranky –we can fix it!” with a picture of a wrench as if I am a mechanic. I can’t wear that t-shirt to work so I saved that outfit for tomorrow thank god.

Because you don’t want your brain picked about the baby you gave up for adoption while you’re dressed like you’re fishing for a quickie.

I am dressed, instead, like a shlubby middle-aged mom in a cardigan jeans and low top converse. Like Riff Randle from Rock and Roll high school as a middle-aged single mother more or less.

The impression will be that of “of course she gave a baby up for adoption, this gal’s a LOSER!”

More to come after the lunch.

If he picks out the right elements, I hope my brain will work more better.

UPDATE!: Lunch has been cancelled because of a meeting downtown to be attended by Mr. JT. So I checked his position in our Outlook Address Book data base and found out this guy is a "senior specialist" which means it's less likely that he's some young impregnator and more likely he's someone's dad. Which makes me all positive and happy to help again.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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