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my busy,loaded,not completely unsuccessful day
2004-10-31 @ 1:43 p.m.

Saturday was loaded.

Because the dryer is still not blowing hot, I packed up laundry and headed to my parents’ house (by their invitation) and since doing laundry alone wasn’t enough, they decided we should also take the girls swimming (indoor pool) and go shopping all at the same time.

I did buy a pair of pants that was 3 sizes smaller than I wore at this time last year. My astonishment is unsurpassed.

After shopping and swimming we went to Denny’s for dinner where I found out the big difference between the chicken fried steak DINNER and the chicken fried steak breakfast- is not only eggs, but the fact that you get 2 pieces of chicken fried steak. 2 pieces of chicken fried steak is too much for me. We have settled that issue. I can eat two pieces of meat, no problem- two pieces of meat dipped in batter I cannot finish, will not finish the mashed potatoes either and lose my membership in the clean plate club.

(after the recap over my meal of choice at Denny’s we can easily see how surprising the continued weight loss is. I am not a girl who loses weight effortlessly -mind you, my metabolism is a rock. It finds a place it likes and stays there usually, and it’s going to be interesting to see where the place it’s decided to head for now is. Because clearly it has a mind of it’s own.)

So after dinner, and laundry folding we were off to drop the girls at their dad’s. He’d stressed me out by letting me know mid-afternoon that he needed groceries, and that he had no transportation to get them, and then I decided I’d feed the girl’s dinner before they arrived. I’d thought that addressed the issue, since sometime before morning his roommate or wife would return and supplies would be got. But at 6:33 he called wondering why we weren’t there yet, because he needed to get some stuufff. I pointed out that I never said I’d be there before 7, and that the girls had been fed and there would be time to go do errands later. I had just fielded 4 calls in rapid succession and was tired, and broke and no longer wanted to do a damn thing. I said we’d be there about 7:30.

When we got there at 7:36 and knocked on the door, there was no answer. The TV was on, we could hear it. I called. No answer. I decided he got an opportunity to run to the store, and we sat on the steps (inside) to wait. The girls- fussy from an active day, got upset. REALLY upset. There were tears. We called again and got the answering machine. The mina got really mad and went to the door and pounded and kicked it.

At about 8:00 neighbors we like got home and said we could wait in their apartment. We did. The neighbor tried calling and got nothing. The neighbor asked if that wasn’t KGB’s car in the lot? I said, it could be, but there’s no answer and there’s another Exterra here too.

I finally was leaving, the girls were watching a movie with the neighbor’s kids, and the phone rang. “How could I have talked to you at 7:33 and you were in Elk River, and you were here at 7:36?”
“We spoke at 6:30, I was here an hour later, like we discussed. Why didn’t you answer the door?”

He evidentially didn’t hear it. The girls didn’t want to go up to his apartment, and I pretty much threw their stuff at him on the stairs on my way out. He wasn’t there and his kids were crying.


So then I commenced to run home, change clothes, and drive to the burlesque show. I was meeting thisendup and I was already late. Changing clothes was lightening fast, getting there went without a hitch, but parking took a million years and I wasn’t there until 10:00. TEU was nowhere to be found. I looked around the bar for a few minutes (but nothing causes tension like being in a drinking establishment and having no money to buy a drink) and I approached who I assumed was the houseboy- Garron and made my lateness known.

It was good, I was expected, he knew my name and I was whisked upstairs by lovelies. It was lovely.

There was hilarity, dressing room hubbub and breasts and pasties and wigs and silly makeup.

After the really great show- which made me really proud of my friend Sue Z. (I just can’t call her Satine) I was swept along into going to a Halloween Party at a warehouse that I really wasn’t interested in attending. In fact, as soon as it was clear that it was a madhouse and without free drinks, I decided to bow out.

As I strode toward the exit, I saw my Big Brain love.

You know, the comic store (the store is named Big Brain) boy who shares the name of an angel, yet claims to be dead inside.. He was at the top of the stairs. I just sort of said “Hey-how are you, I never see you anymore since I come in on your day off”

I was glad I was in knee socks and heels, and that I hadn’t dressed as the bearded lady after all. But it seemed he was coming, and I was definitely going, and I had plans to ask him to the burlesque show soon anyway.

And then I slept for an additional hour and left my house in daylight for once.

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