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true or false
2004-11-16 @ 2:41 p.m.

Guess which of these are true.

1.) I keep having kissing dreams about the boy with the name of the angel who professes to be dead inside. In these dreams we are in the basement of the comic store we both used to work at,(he was the third generation me I guess), and the basement is under the comic store he works at now. Where I have no actual knowledge of if there is a basement or not. Basement smooching- that's a high end dream life,huh?

2.)My underpants are just illfitting enough on the large end to make me feel as if I am wearing a diaper today.

3.) I really really wish I could take a picture of my outfit/hair today because as the day goes on, I am realizing I am ultra cool for all ages..(plum hair, denim blazer, white tee, plum cord skirt, knee high black boots)

4.) I am still mad I feel asleep watching SNL before I got to see Modest Mouse play even though I KNEW I would and still didn't set it up to videotape.

5.) I have no way of paying through paypal since my checking acct with the debit card is still overdrawn and I probably don't have comments anymore. Or won't soon. Leave a note so I don't feel abandoned...

6.) I have had more conversations about theology and beliefs and attending church in the past 3 months than I have had in my entire life. None of which were instigated by me.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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