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knit to mention
2005-01-13 @ 10:05 a.m.

I'm finally breaking down and I'm going to buy this because I am completely enthralled with hairburner's knitting skills, but I know that I need a tool other than just knitting needles and my brain to be successfull. So the Knit-a-round, it'll be.

Just shut up. I am obsessed with the pretty yarn. I know that learning isn't hard, but I need to be ensured with a high success rate. With this, I can make the knitted pieces I need and then sew them into whatever.

I can't be trusted to count stiches or anything. My busy hands require more mindlessness.

The best thing about me being obsessed with yarn is that I don't have any natural fibers hangups. My dear friend Priscilla is all about the 100% wool yarn only, or even better about the merino wool yarn only, and I am far too cheap to be obsessed with that.

Certainly as a beginner. A tool-using beginner.

Today I will either stare at my potential purchase and talk myself out of it, or bite.

Or remember that I sew quite well and effortlessly and already have an entire closet full of fabric.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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