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dramatize and reconcile
2005-01-14 @ 10:15 a.m.

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I really thought this movie was great. It's kind of a hilarious brouhaha of activity as well as theories, and it includes a skinny rocker-type boy riding a bicycle while wearing a suit.

I went to this $2 theater that I like, even though there are $2 theaters that don't have the crappiest seats imaginable, and they had Wilco playing in the lobby..and in the theater before the movie started. I sang along in my theater seat.

"Hey, wake up
Your eyes weren't open wide
For the last couple of miles
You've been swerving from side to side
You're gonna make me spill my beer
If you don't learn how to steer

Passenger side,Passenger side
I don't like riding on the passenger side"

I didn't get my driver's license until I was 29, and didn't have it when this was released. So hearing this, and then watching people riding bicycles in lieu of driving cars was a reminder of at least one thing I've accomplished in the past ten years.

Which is neither here nor there.

I left the theater feeling really awake. Apparently I saw something I recognized in the movie that I'd already concluded at one time and forgotten. I haven't really finished thinking about it enough to explain, and if it's existential (and it might be), I probably shouldn't even try. It awakened something better than just good old hope though, it gave me new faith. In my own brain. It was like I'd forgotten that I could do this:

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The sun's out too. Again today.

My horoscope
ended saying "Life will be a gorgeous mystery in the coming week." , and I actually believe it..

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