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makes you want to cing (ular)
2005-01-19 @ 9:41 a.m.


Since the info might disappear once he leaves custody, I'll whisper to you the situation if you lean in close..

the Daddyman's been arrested again...

Of course it's disturbing the peace and probable cause for assault, because DUH just one week ago he and KGB had the court date for this little incident and of course, the Daddyman didn't press charges, for the same reason he copped a plea for the last time he was arrested, which is fear that KGB will be deported. So- on his lawyer's advice, to keep the city attorney in Burnsville from pressing charges for her admitted lying and wasting of time, the Daddyman was found guilty of some lesser charge (disturbing the peace? I can't recall and oh yes- I don't care) and paid a fine. Even though he paid several thousand dollars to a lawyer to be cleared of all charges.

Let's all of us hit our heads against the wall to cleanse our palate, shall we?

I actually find all of this somewhat hysterically funny. Why? Because he's in JAIL. Why? Because he's STUPID and cannot leave well enough alone.

If this were a documentary made by me, I would cut to the interview with KGB where she's wryly saying "Leave each other alone? Don't be ridikulous. We love each other, he is my husband and besides- we haf note killed each otehr yet..."

But here's the best part. The part that's funniest to me. (trust me, no one feel bad if you're laughing right now that he's in jail. It really is funny. AND it's TRUE. And even if he's not guilty -because I bet they were yelling and breaking things and really really angry and fed up with each other since they get that way, oh, every other week...)
Back to the best part. I only know because his brother called me long distance from Mass. because since the provider on my cell service recently merged with another company, I couldn't receive the collect call from jail. So I didn't know and I couldn't help..


If it's not karma that I literally could not be bothered that the Daddyman was in jail, I don't know what is.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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