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apparently you get edgy when you're left holding up nothing, and you start to bite...
2005-01-31 @ 2:11 p.m.

Last night I was looking (apparently with great enthusiasm, since I leaned forward with such verve) behind my stove to see if the gas connection was behind it and I forgot that there used to be a shelf above my stove. I forgot, because it fell down over a year ago, and all that is left of it, is a white metal bracket.

Jutting out from the wall. Practically invisible.

Yet, oh so lethal.

There were several moments that after I dropped the "ow" bomb (that unfortunately brings all worried young'uns running ) where I thought the bracket was lodged in my forehead. Which made me panic because I had already made the "OW" very clear, and the children were about to be upon me, and if there was blood it was going to be bigtime bad. It would be a bigtime frenzy of kiddie terror because nothing, my friends, bleeds like your forehead. Just ask Dusty Rhodes, or George the Animal Steele or any of the classic WWF wrestlers... if it was bleeding, it was bound to be a gusher and bedlam and calamity would ensue.

So forgetting the pain and only concentrating on the potential for wetness, I chanted "go back to your room, go back to your room..don't look until I say okay...."

And I ran to the bathroom to see if I had turned into a monster with a horn shaped like a bracket that was gushing with blood.

I had not.

And mina held a bag of frozen lima beans to my dent for as long as she could stand it. (all of 10 minutes).

It only hurts when you touch it.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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