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Je suis belle et ša ne demande aucun effort
2005-02-07 @ 11:27 a.m.

There's a batch of
going around unfortunately. Like a heavy sigh that's catching- maybe we can call plopphizz to arms and turn Eeyore into a superhero to save us all.

It's all gray, all the time and I am currently getting sick of the waiting. I can feel SO much that's something is just about here and I don't know what will make it so. I guess only I will.

I know that's it, and I'm about to the comfort zone of jumping into whatever "ready or not". I've been in this state of constant downshift flux and maybe it was just so when the Daddyman had his ultimate shakeup it wouldn't effect me to harshly.

I have to take my own constant advice, after all.

At this point I took hairburner's advice and instead of playing with a nifty knitter loom,I've become a little obsessed with crocheting. Which, so far is just fine because it's been an economical obsession. I am, apparently, perfectly happy to be obsessed with the economical yarns (especially the colors Huckleberry, Boysenberry, and Concord Grape which I haven't seen in any store and don't believe they actually exist.) which isn't too bad on my meager budget.

I've made 3 ponchos in the past few weeks, (one is a capelet I guess it's more flouncy and seems very vintage and feminine) and I've already departed from every stupid pattern I start. I just decide "oh, this yarn will look nicer with a double crochet here instead of the single" and the nice thing is, if I'm wrong I can just unravel and start new, and I'm quite experienced with this already.

For instance this looks sort of like a pretty variegated yarn, and I kept going with it giving it as much of a chance as I felt it was worthy, but ultimately decided it looked like vomit.

And now I am through with it.

I'm quickly realizing that I must knit too, and that I shouldn't be so afraid of dropping stitches. It's just something I should also be able to do I think, and plus I could make one of these from Stitch and Bitch someday.

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