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2005-02-17 @ 11:51 a.m.

So the Daddyman called on Valentine's evening- and I immediately passed him off to the girls, but he did tell me he was coming back to Mn for a court appearance. He mentioned nothing about staying with me, which is good since that is negatory, but I'm completely nervous about the idea of him even being back in town.

He said he was staying at his friend Luke's parents' house in Apple Valley since he would be going to court in Hastings. Which only sort of makes since being that any charges against him are either in Burnsville or Bloomington.

So I worry that he's really back in contact with KGB and that there will be more trouble that will create a mess that I will somehow be made to feel responsible for.

Which is CRAZY right? Because I've already taken care of the childcare issues because of his absence and so I can just tell him to fuck off about anything he might ask me for..right?

But I am anxious anyway. I won't have him anywhere near me. He can pick up the girls from school/daycare for any visit and that will be just fine, right?

My stomach and my intuition better just listen to my brain on this one. I can hear the scuffle now.

see here for why my rational mind is now thought of as Rash, and I've just now named my Intuition Too Too because I can.

Rash: Tummy? Too Too? Settle down, we've discussed the action we plan to take and we've got it all covered. RIGHT Sympathy? We're all in agreement that our action plan is firm and a go..

Too Too: I'm with you, but I can't help but point out that I KNOW BETTER, and Tummy agrees with me. Murphy's Law and all.

Rash: But as long as we stick to the plan.

Tummy: Too Too is right, he'll find a chink in the armor. A loophole..

Rash: I know I know, and to quote Tolkien " It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him. "

Irash: What the hell did you pull that from? You've never read Tolkien!

Rash: It's a quote. I don't have to have read Tolkien to be able to quote him.
Too Too: Yeah Irry, it's totally PERTINENT too. So shaddup. Just because me and Tummy are nervous doesn't mean we're on YOUR side..

Irry: Okay, whatever you say guys, but you all come over here and join the army at one time or another. To great success..

Rash: So anyway, we'll just only talk to him at the times we set. If he calls at a different time, we don't answer. Simple as that.

Too Too and Tummy: Agreed.

Irry: Even I can't argue with that.

Rash: Excellent. Let's toast the plan! " So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending. "

Irry: Dude, AGAIN with the Tolkien?

Rash: It's the internet. Quotations make anyone look well read.

Irry: We ARE well read, just not as far as Tolkien is concerned..Who's next? Burroughs?

Rash: Which one? William S?

Irry: I meant Edgar Rice and WHATEVER you don't read William S Burroughs either. You know we find the entire Beat movement overrated.

Rash: Well, the writing of the Beat movement just isn't as good as the IDEA of the Beat movement. Kerouac is overrated..good looking though. And we LIKED The Dharma Bums..

Irry: yeah yeah yeah. Just shut up. I'M the one whose responsible for making us look stupid, remember?

Rash: heh. Remember that time...

Let's just fade out here. It's true that they argue over things besides decisions after all.

So I'm ill at ease. Too Too is pretty reliable, and I shouldn't ignore her completely.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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