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being right tastes like bile
2005-02-22 @ 9:31 a.m.

So I found out yesterday that I was so right.

lap: Hello?
Sal: Hi how you doing? I didn't get the mail you sent Saturday, so I guess I'll get it Tuesday then.

lap:guess SO.
Sal: Which is fine because the DMV in Conneticut is only open on Wednesdays and Fridays. They have satellite ones that are open everyday, but the big one I have to go to is only open Wednesday and Friday.

lap: Well, that's good then.

Sal: Anything new?
lap: Nope. I'm going to get the girls from my parents now.
lap: So you gonna tell me what's really up since you obviously were bullshitting about the "coming back for a court date" thing, being you could just NOT come back instead? I mean the whole "staying in Apple Vally with Luke's parent's" story has holes in it. Big. Suspicious ones.

Sal: Uh, yeah well I should tell you I got a visitor last weekend here.

lap is speechless with a big shocked O-shaped mouth.

Sal: She came out to see me to apologize to me and my family.


Sct: She's leaving Minnesota too- going to Sacramento.

lap:. .... ...

Sct: So it was good that the last time I saw her it wasn't with us fighting and me being arrested I thought.

Sct: blah blah blah, and now I made some new musical contacts blah blah blah entertainment lawyer totally remembers me and blah blah blah..

lap: I have to go. I can't talk to you anymore right now without saying something awful.

Sct: Why?

Sadly the conversation DID go on, because the jackass never can take my word for it when I want to say nothing at all because there's nothing nice to say, but suffice it to say that I bitched about the satisfaction he had over the fact that the final scene was "right" between he and KGB as if they were the only two people involved, and I said the following words and phrases:
"grow up"
"get a fucking job at subway"

Of course, today it pisses me off that the Mina's father doesn't know that she lost another tooth (more to come on that one) or that she made the honor roll, but no way is he getting a call. Not until I get some retribution.

And the use of the word "retribution" here means payback, in the manner of cash money.

Too Too did the requisite preening and crowing to his other subconscious buddies for being not only right in the suspicions but actually nailing it.

So we've all decided- Irry, Rash and I that we're going to just assume that paranoia doesn't exist where Too Too is concerned.
He's not paranoid. He's really really smart.
So we're going to base all action plans on his vision.

Um- action plans regarding the Daddyman, that is. Too Too's accuracy is just a little eerie with other things and so we ignore it so we get to leave the house occasionally.

It occurred to me that we could rename Too Too "Cassandra", but his hairy legs wouldn't look that good in a toga. It would be like having John Belushi in my head being right all the time, and that's just wrong.

If John Belushi is in my head wearing a toga it can't be "to be right"- it should just be for ambiance. I mean really.

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