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no foot in the door
2005-03-25 @ 8:27 a.m.

fE"A" is for AtlanticR
nMOU"T"Exclamation point

Well. It's a good thing I can knit when I get obsessive because normally I'd post an entry in my diary, but the diary is all rebellious lately. It might be jealous of the knitting.. after all, the crocheting is jealous. The dishes, however are happy to be left alone...

So on Monday I gave good ole Sal several compelling reasons that returning to Mpls wasn't a good idea. One of them was not the blunt

"I don't want you back in Minneapolis. At all."

In spite of my great points and "things to think about speech" apparently later that evening good ol' Sal ranting about "what he needed to take care of back in the Midwest" to his sister until she awoke to the light bulb of this very compelling revelation on her part.

"If my brother is in Minneapolis, he is no longer in my home."

So I can't blame her for buying him the ticket away from Staten Island. And after some reflection that didn't include chest pains and panicked breathing I did go ahead and tell him-
"I'm not picking you up from the airport. "
It's been decided by everyone who's not prone to the behavior of an addict, albiet a sober one, that Sal needs to hit bottom, because how is it that he hasn't yet?!

So I thought I'd push. Honestly- as long as I get to push him far away from me, I don't care. It wasn't "for his own good" or any of that.

Apparently, Mr. "Rational, Seen the Light, and I Have Changed" thinks the best response to the lack of support is to disown everyone.

"My parents are dead, I am an only child, I have no children."

Gosh that's some sound thinking, huh?

But so be it. I'm at peace on it.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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