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two eyes
2005-04-04 @ 3:05 p.m.

On Friday the burlesque show played at a party. It was very fancy. It was also very hip. Sadly there are no pictures of the fabulous ballroom we preformed in at the Gale Mansion, but you get the idea of what a cool joint it was. There aren't any pictures of the open bar either, but that pretty much ruled too.

(and let's now notice the unconscious royal "we" I slipped in there? That would be because I'm crazy, and also, because I'm a good luck charm which I'l come back to in a tick)

I walked in looking pretty fabulous, because I discovered that apparently I seem much prettier without my glasses on, although no one will admit that's the it factor. But that's what it is. They are drawn into me as if I am missing some undefinable barricade. So I've ditched my glasses repeatedly this week, and each time, feel I've gathered more evidence to secretly prove my point. Which is fine, really, because I love that hokey bit where the loyal Mary has her glasses knocked off only for the hero to say "why without your glasses Mary, you're (gasp!) beautiful!"

So anyway I was wearing a modified version of my "it's Friday, let's see the first show of Sin City" outfit, which was over the knee socks of the Pippi Longstocking variety, my superhero boots, and a full denim skirt by Isaac Mizrahi for Target. During the day I sported a simple t-shirt, but if I've learned anything from my friendship with Lurleen it's definitely let cleavage be your trump card...So not only did I walk into fabulousness only to get a fabulous reception, but I immediately tripped over an old friend. Who I had to run off from and do an errand with Amy, the mc of the burlesque show.

Upon our return- as Amy dressed, and bedlam ensued backstage, I was quick to realize I wasn't needed in the way, and there was a free drink waiting somewhere for me. I found it, and found my friend. fan club, and occasional editor once more. Being that the party was filling a mansion, and there was something going on in every room, I was lured into the back row of the theater where some installation by Phil Harder was being played (four films projected similtaneously with an orchestra playing and I only would have liked it better if it had been all short films from Sesame Street, but now that ploppy's gone, who even cares if I mention SS?) My friend Mr. New and I just chatted in hushed tones instead of really paying attention, and in doing so I missed the beginning, and practically the entire first set of the burlesque show. But that was okay, because I was all about the face time with Mr. New. He said he mostly came because Amy said I was going to be there, which even if it wasn't true, was a nice thing to say. Check out the video he directed by going here and clicking on "things" by the busiest bankruptcy lawyers in MN. The surly bartender in the video is my dear friend John Smith, and the guy he's serving is the director himself!

Mr. New ended up leaving for other obligations and tried to spirit me away with him, but i declined and went back to the burlesque troupe, who were having bad luck. The cds were not playing through the sound system correctly, but mysteriously once I was there, the difficulty was fixed.
Because I'm magic and all.

Wow this entry is quite a lot to digest already, and we're nowhere near finished! I guess you'll have to tune in for more of "what I did last Friday night"....

Apparently I can't shut up...
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