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New II
2005-05-16 @ 3:42 p.m.

Part One

So I threw up my arms in delight and squealed and hugged New.

Which he liked.

I was promptly invited to his house to hang out and watch movies.

Which was the second time I was invited over in an after bar senario, the first time, however, I passed.

Not because I didn't want to, but just because.

We were still wrapping things up, (which is code for was waiting around for Amy and gabbing) so New went to wrap things up at his gig, and made sure I had his address.

So at this point I asked the darling houseboy of the show to go to the party and take Amy so I could be on my way. And then, somehow, even though I thought he'd left, there was New back as I was ready to leave. So he gallantly walked me to my car.

As perpetually level-headed as I am I mentioned as we walked that I should really get something to eat since I had not eaten since about 2 that afternoon at a child's birthday party. So New said he'd pick up pizza since he was parked right by a pizza place.

And I got into my car.

At which point I decided I had time to run home before going to New's. I really wanted to not wear my fancy shoes anymore. And then I could wash my face! And change into a better shirt and-

I thought I should distract myself so I at this point, drunk dialed Joss because I had already left her a giddy message earlier about the invite phone call.

She was out being fabulous, and asked "are you going over there right now?"

"I so totally am" (last time when she said go over there I already told her that I didn't think I would, which she thought was stupid.

I know that I said "well you know we're just going to watch videos.." at which point she may have snorted derisively at me. Because she forgets that I'm a bad girl of the old school and wouldn't feign innocence.

But I am all resigned about not making first moves here, I mean it's entirely clear that I like him, and I'm letting him take it from there. I'm in no rush.

So when I got there (after washing my face and changing my shoes and charging my phone, and grabbing the phone charger in case I needed to charge my phone at his house because if I was actually indisposed somehow I'm sure the girls would end up at an emergency room or something because what else would happen the first time in 3 years that I was alone with a potential for intimacy, right?)

So I got there...and we really did mostly watch videos. Most notably The Kid with the Golden Arm which just ruled. It was somehow better because New had closed captioning on.

New presented me with a slice of Pepperoni and a slice of cheese because he forgot to ask if I was vegetarian. They were both for me, but I only ate one, and I picked cheese because the slices looked really good, like slices in NY so I could only judge that by having only cheese.

So we watched the movie, and drank some beer, and I found New had his arm around me and it was just cozy, and hours later we kissed, and we talked about being too tired to drive home and I should sleep over, and we just would watch tv and kiss a little and watch more tv and then hours had passed and it was light out and I thought at that point, having drank water for hours that I would go home.

Instincts man, instincts.

Honestly, it wasn't heating up enough to go farther, which isn't to say that it couldn't or won't. But it didn't merit going any farther than it did, and I was a maybe even a little too tired to want it to..

But as I was leaving he kissed me goodbye and said "you know I like you, right?" and he also said I "taste nice". And he said that "we would see what happened this summer"

So I felt suprisingly high school about my mature choices.

I e-mailed New today to ask him if he wanted to film the theater show next Saturday, and to tell him that I had a nice time and he e-mailed me right away saying he had a good time too.

So for not actually making the first "move" I'm still making a lot of them, as they come up naturally. I'm just not being all grabby in the pants.

I also decided that I'm going to be truthful yet mysterious- if this is at all possible. I'll answer the questions posed to me, but I'm not leaping to conclusions at all with my intuition.

Because I really don't want to be around anyone that doesn't know what they want from me. I'm not planning on making it hard for anyone, but I'm cutting down on the helpful offering of myself. I'll create senarios for hanging out or whatever, but I'm not going to instigate more than that.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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