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2005-05-23 @ 11:36 a.m.

What is your favorite single comic book, and/or what is your
favorite comic book related memory?

from Mark

Well, when you say favorite single comic book, I assume you mean issue rather than story.

maggie and ray

My favorite splash page ever is a panel from Love and Rockets. Jaime Hernandez’s Maggie story “In the Valley of the Polar Bears” that shows Maggie and Ray spooning in bed. They are so real it knocks me out. It was also the first issue I ever bought, and I believe contains the final chapter of Gilbert Hernandez’s Human Diastrophism (retitled Blood of Palomar). It was a helluva an issue to be my first. (It must have been Love and Rockets #26.) I will always say that I think that Beto’s stories are the best fiction I’ve read anywhere, but the truth is both brothers create characters that you love so much that you’re just thankful they are published together. If I stopped buying everything else, I could never stop reading Love and Rockets

cloweseightball 23
I cannot believe how great the single issue, self-contained stories Dan Clowes has told in Eightball #22 and #23 have been. They knock me out. They are definitely my new example of the ultimate for non-comic afficiandos."

I love the Chris Claremont/John Byrne Uncanny X-men. Especially the Dark Phoenix Saga. I will be bitter if that’s not where the next movie goes..

My favorite comic book related memory is really hard, because I have a lot. One of the most flattering things was a walk around a comic con I took with Denis Kitchen(of Kitchen Sink Press) when I was on a break from working at the College of Comic Book Knowledge. I was still doing the orders with Ralph but wasn’t working in the store, and Denis said it concerned him, because “the comics field really needs more people like you, Laura.” He also engaged me in the prospect of trying to develop some novelty fabrics featuring Crumb images, but neither of us knew enough about printing onto fabric to make anything of the idea. That was the same weekend Crumb wouldn’t put my leg down.


I will also always treasure any time I spent hanging out with Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, especially sitting at a card table quietly watching Jaime do a sketch of Ray in pencil for me that Jaime deemed “too serious” and captioned “a wedding photo”.


At ChicagoCon one year Dave Sim(who was so occasionally hateful toward retailers, and to be frank-women, that I never really knew what to expect from him) started the weekend off suavely dipping me in front of the hotel bar, and later in the weekend took my face into both his hands and kissed me before he said goodnight and walked away. I was completely floored by it.

Thanks to Mark for asking!

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