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it's not easy, bein' green
2005-06-08 @ 10:34 a.m.

Today I'm posting because, good lord I certainly SHOULD, right?

Shaddup I've been MOVING! There's so nothing to talk about other than the beautiful color I painted the walls of my lyebarry (should be a dining room, but who needs that when you have a sunny breakfast nook off the kitchen?)It's called "rolling hills" but it's not as avocado as the paint chip. It's exactly the color of green grass with sun shining on it. Or Kermit the Frog. Or the Sensational She-Hulk..


Speaking of She-Hulk, another new fascination is the multitude of bruises I find all over my legs when I look down. I might be the She-Hulk, but I certainly bruise easy. Suddenly the green skin seems to make sense for masking the dark bruises.

So I answer the favorite question I was asked, by Woe, because who's better than Woe? Not many of us, and she's even humble.

Do you look for bats in the cave when you are in the car, and if there
are, do you pick them?

I am the best nose picker you ever saw. Seriously. I spend so much time congested inwardly, that if the boogers get to the cave to become bats it is my duty to harvest them. And when I say "harvest" I mean in no way to imply "for eating" because NO.

All my life I have been a booger nose.

In grade seven I had a pact with my friends Rita Brockhoff and Anne Coulter based on the conclusion that everyone in the world had pick their nose on occasion, if not daily, and when we had to do it we'd just say "excuse me" and go for it. This logic still works for me. And using a tissue is nicer maybe, but less effective, and to me the kleenex is for the mucus not the flickables.

So that was kind of gross. Sorry.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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