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not a stalk of celery
2005-07-03 @ 8:32 p.m.

My almost former landlord is acting like a freak. He showed up at my new house mysteriously because he hadn't heard from me (I was out of town) to give me a letter about the fact I hadn't given him notice yet. When he entered my apartment without warning he found the majority of my furniture moved out and decided to freak out. Nevermind the fact that his entry into my apartment was entirely illegal, and now his behavior seems to be more than a little creepy. He was going by my childrens' school to try to find me and apparently saw me leaving my new residence. When I returned, he'd left me a letter. He'd called the new landlord to ask for a credit reference on me stating I'd completed an application for an apartment. My new landlord didn't give him any info, but wigged a little since I'd just moved in and called me.

So he keeps showing up at my new place. It's happened at least 3 times that I know of. This is creepy behavior. I'm totally uncomfortable in returning to my almost former residence to complete what I've agreed to cleaningwise because everytime I'm there he shows up. So this anxiety he's causing me is almost guaranteed to make me not follow through..Check out the third stalking senario shown here. It's even creepier to show up at someone's home after they've come right out and said that they feel your behavior makes them uncomfortable.

He's been threatening to the Daddyman too, even though he has no responsibility in this. He's got information on some outstanding warrant for him and is holding that over his head.. it's always good to threaten someone who might be wanted by the police, don't you think?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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