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stupid murphy
2005-07-08 @ 9:42 a.m.


Well I guess I won't quote any lyrics, since without hearing the somewhat incomprehensible style they're ranted out in, they seem a little pretentious. But in my ear while driving in my car, they seem so Springsteen. Who I love. I am so all about The Hold Steady right now..

Of course they played in Mpls about a month ago, and I didn't go to the show even though I could've watched from the dj booth, and now I'm obsessed- but it does always happen that way. It's a secret Murphy's Law created just for former hipster mothers.

Separation Sunday is the album the critics all love, but my favoritest of favorite songs right now is The Swish (Although listen to "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" too..if just for the name)

"she said my name is robbie robertson but people call me robo. i blew red white and blue right into a tissue. i came right over the counter just to kiss you."

I got two mix cds from my friend John Smith for my birthday. The second one starts with "Thunder Road" and has Tura Santana on its cover. That really tells the whole story.

Today I'm feeling a little heartbroken, but I think that circumstances just made the decisions of my life a little easier and more just. I don't understand why confrontation MUST happen even though there is every chance that the moral slight will be forgiven. It's only money after all, but it happens over and over. So I have to go and let the bloodbath commence because that's what happens next. I feel like Dr. Manhattan in The Watchmen(yeh Jocie- you should read it) who can see all of time similtaneously and reality as a faceted gem- the anger of me finding money missing while at the same time I see myself later letting it go. But the principle is driving me to the confrontation because that's what happens next. It's all predetermined.

And with only $10 in my wallet, there's some kind of guarantee that I won't get that check today in the mail. There's a Murphy's Law on that too.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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