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sorry google doesn't know enough about mommylap yet.
2005-08-09 @ 1:41 p.m.

Googlism for: lap

lap is safest place in world
lap is tomorrow
lap is different because it has a completely adjustable telescopic leg
lap is the best book and instruction holder for needle crafts and needle workers because it adapts to your favorite position

lap is the best portable desk because it's unique design adjusts to you
lap is now a race
lap is the latest in this genre of infertility literature
lap is an australian film about a race horse
lap is today what the legion of dynamic discord and the erisian liberation front were yesterday
lap is combed by circular comb; detaching roller grips the combed lap and moves forward;
lap is moderately priced
lap is "seeing" the stone
lap is a cream
lap is ideal for them
lap is much easier for me
lap is an acronym
lap is zero
lap is made -DUDE, who'd I off?
lap is ˝ pound
lap is extremely close and more friction develops
lap is pozitívan ítéli meg medgyessy péter múltját 2002
lap is safest place in world pai010
lap is being used to undercut the sear notch on a current style contender trigger held upside down so you can press the lap against the firm
lap is well worthwhile if you only do your own trigger job
lap is a way for the dots to connect
lap is a relationship characterized by the
lap is 5/8 mile
lap is de opvolger van het tienjarenprogramma afval 1995
lap is still turning use a finger under the kleenex and wipe the lap off going back and forth to the hub and back to
lap is not well understood
lap is scored
lap is zero and the max
lap is caused by low
lap is the undisputed track champion for 5 years in a row
lap is made up of senior managers from across the public service who work together to share ideas and successes
lap is meant the amount the valve overlaps the outside edges of the steam ports when it is in its central position
lap is faster
lap is prepared for nasa marshall space flight center's programs and activities
lap is to raise money through private donation and corporate sponsorship to provide lifeguards at swim and sunset beach areas at
lap is housed in the central building of the academy at lielâ iela 14
lap is about physical and emotional journeys
lap is hard to see against a white background
lap is looking down from heaven right now feeling a little bit embarrased from the fact that his whole anatomy is on display in one place or
lap is available in either 220/240v
lap is an easy
lap is a volunteer program
lap is finished
lap is now ready to receive diamond
lap is uniformly covered
lap is guided by the nysba committee on lawyer alcoholism and drug abuse
lap is a 1m
lap is not rejected owing to possible drafting you may wish to save your lap directly in gpl or via replay analyser which maintains the other
lap is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks chemical bonds in proteins at specific sites next to leucine amino acids
lap is a teacher at the dutch police academy for criminal investigation
lap is recommended
lap is part of the gaw international network of wmo
lap is fully 50
lap is far from being just a fictional place
lap is a dds version as well as the modem of the 9600 bps lap is
lap is enough to realize the reasoning tasks that are usually considered in the domain of reasoning about actions
lap is an important component of kellogg's overall public and nonprofit management program
lap is one
lap is to symbolically reflect
lap is unlimited as in a matter of seconds both the diamond ring and polishing lap can be replaced by a coarser or finer setup
lap is a breakthrough in the gem polishing industry
lap is ongetwijfeld vol goede bedoelingen geschreven
lap is to include your proposed data gathering sheet with your application
lap is not completed or the model lands before 3 minutes
lap is okay to use
lap is not making good contact at all
lap is used to polish and figure your mirror
lap is pulled out of the race
lap is used… depending upon the amount of material to be removed
lap is eliminated form
lap is a state
lap is between 8
lap is the safe
lap is accredited by sit to issue calibration certificate for vcc
lap is a statewide program designed to enhance opportunities for public school students who are deficient in
lap is submitted for
lap is mindenki számára elérhetové teszi az adatokat
lap is a prairie recreation in kane county
lap is then known as the hamilton principle
lap is a victory in itself
lap is in may

Tune in soon for the next episode entitled "LAP IS ZERO AND THE MAX"

always remember "LAP IS A VICTORY IN ITSELF"

stolen from everybody- most recently saru.
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about mommylap yet.

RECENTLY OVERHEARD IN AMY'S CAR: lap: Why isn't Chuck D my boyfriend?...oh yeah, it would make Ice Cube mad... lap: I wish that Ice Cube was my boyfriend so if anybody went around saying that I'm difficult, he'd shoot them right in the face. amy: What was that? lap: I wish Ice Cube was my boyfriend so if anybody said I was difficult he would shoot them in the face... amy: RIGHT IN THE FACE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The laugh was the cackling laugh of an out of control you might imagine. Sorry Cube. I know you wouldn't shoot a fly....RIGHT IN THE FACE...

Apparently I can't shut up...
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