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2005-08-10 @ 4:24 p.m.

I have been referred to as being difficult recently..(Used in the sentence: “Everyone knows that you’re difficult”) as well as being called cunty (this was used as a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or find extremely disagreeable. It wasn’t implied that I was like a vagina, because what’s more agreeable than a vagina?)

I laughed at the former, since it clearly was meant to be inflammatory and that’s just too funny to me.

Once I told my sister, who was driving me crazy on the drive home from Milwaukee, to stop “cunting in my face”. We were both adults at the time (I was 26 and she 23) and it sure shut her up. You can’t shut me up just by slinging the vernacular- especially one that I don’t find all that offensive.
But the difficult comment sort of amuses and confuses. Partially because there has been no disclosure in what area I am difficult in. Which seems pertinent for the proper analysis of lap difficulty. So I can only conclude that, this statement of difficulty, is also intended to be simply inflammatory.

I’m absolutely willing to admit that I go out of my way to be difficult to my accuser (who may or may not be the father of my children), but that’s our special relationship. It's not being difficult as much as being ever vigilant.

I have to work really hard at it.

So if we pretend that life is the PSAT or an IQ test, that if it’s understood that “everyone” knows I’m difficult, and I am only difficult (hard to endure, hard to comprehend, hard to please, satisfy, or manage, hard to convince) to Sal Kablam: then Sal Kablam is Everyone.
That’s right, I’m flashin some mensa gang signs heah…

Apparently I can't shut up...
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