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2005-08-11 @ 2:36 p.m.


On Saturday I was driving around listening to a CD made for me by my best friend, and I called him to tell him that I was blaming him for all my ebullient joy.

His coolness surprised me. I knew right away that something was up. He asked if he could call me back once he got to his house. When he called back he told me that he’d found his cat Rudy (who’d been missing the evening before)and the condition Rudy was in was not good.

So for any of you reading this who have pets that rule your world, or have been faced with gigantic pet bills I give you Rudy’s pal pay info. Go to paypal and log in, then go to send money and use the email address

It’s ironic that I wouldn’t be doing this for my own cat, but what can I say? I bend to the will of Rudy.

I'd also pimp for Dennis, the cat of the Mollusk , who looks like Rudy. It's the lure of the grey tiger cat...

Rudy was being shy with me...

Apparently I can't shut up...
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