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Success in a Pancake
2005-08-16 @ 12:01 p.m.

By recipe, know I mean easy instructions a la Family Circle or Redbook

comiclap ...only it's a la Mommylap

I got a whole lot of bananas for free some weeks ago, and because we could only eat so many of them, I froze the brownish ones thinking that’s what you do when you make banana bread.

Of course, I had no plans for making banana bread. I was thinking of making banana pancakes. This speculation about the making of the banana pancakes lasted several weeks of “oh I need to buy pecans or walnuts…” etc.

I asked my pancake expert Ms. Cilla about the addition of bananas to pancake batter, and she said “oh sure- it’s yummy.”

So I defrosted the bananas on Saturday, and decided only one of them was usable.

So I waited to make the banana pancakes until Sunday. I bought new ripe bananas. I had already purchased chopped walnuts because they were cheaper than pecans.

So here’s my super easy, super cheap, Banana-Walnut Pancakes recipe for your culinary enjoyment.

First buy pancake mix that only requires you add water to it. I like THE CHEAPEST kind because I am a cheap, generic embracing freak and so I buy the Wal-mart “Extra Fluffy” brand because it is only $1.27 for several pancake experiences.

So you put some bananas (peel them) into a blender or food processor and make them into banana soup. Try to be smart and yield only the amount of banana soup you need to substitute for the amount of water the number of pancakes you’re making.

For instance 3 cups of pancake mix asks you to add 2.5 cups water, so you’re making 2.5 cups of banana soup.

Then you mix it together (or ideally, make your child mix it together- or your monkey.) and add the walnuts or pecans. You could also NOT add nuts, if you are someone who prefers their banana bread without nuts. But you are not me, and I like the texture of the nuts. I like nuts in brownies, I like nuts on sundaes, I am nuts about nuts. So I added the walnuts.

Then you make the pancakes the way you would anyway. The batter is thicker, so you have to watch them a bit more carefully since the cheerful bubbles bursting on the top that let you know that it is time to flip the pancake are not nearly as abundant as they are in a water dampened pancake scenario.

I have found if you make lots of extra pancakes, you have pancakes in the microwave for later which are delicious with jam. I, myself, do not like syrup. Banana walnut pancakes are very good with syrup, and are also very good cooled off with butter, or down right cold without butter- or anyway you might enjoy banana bread.

I am feeling SO successful about the banana walnut pancake recipe, that I must tell you- I am already devising how to make zucchini bread pancakes. Because zucchini is about to abound. I don’t see this pancake as being a syrup eater’s dream, but would be good with applesauce I bet- much like a delicious potato pancake is.


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