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Kristin tagged me. It was more of a smack..
2005-09-01 @ 12:25 a.m.


10 years ago I was: Childless. I weighed 130 lbs and was working at Buca di Beppo as a hostess/waitress
and just starting my apparel design classes
5 years ago I was:seriously depressed and starting to realize that Scott had a drug problem he might not be able to conquer.
1 year ago I was: Finally remembering who I am.
Yesterday I was:out drinking and talking to cute musicians, suprisingly enough.
5 snacks I enjoy the most:tomatoes, pickles,sunflower seeds in the shell, iced coffee, diet Dr. Pepper
5 songs i know all the words to: "Thunder Road"-Bruce Springsteen "Favorite Thing"-the Replacements
"The Cattle and the Creeping Things"-the Hold Steady "My Valuable Hunting Knife"- Guided By Voices, and "Amplifier" the dB's
5 places ideal for running away to:bed with book, the park with book, Staten Island (by ferry), Sherwood Forest on Lake Mille Lacs,
the comic book store
5 items you will never see me wear: This one is really hard. Never say never. I try to only wear clothes that fit since too-big clothes
are evil. Leather tennis shoes (except someone gave me some really cool leather Pumas) high tops (they're cool, but not for me)
5 biggest joys in life: good music while driving, reading fiction, laughing at jokes my kids made up,
barely being able to wait to talk to your friends, and internet at home
5 favorite toys: dvd player, car stereo, sewing machine, and I keep buying these Littlest Pet Shop toys for the girls. They have
bobble heads
5 taggees:
Legal Beagle

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