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prelude to a quesadilla
2005-09-28 @ 1:00 p.m.

I went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, because I was afraid, as the Stones say, ”Well this could be the last time, This could be the last time, Maybe the last time- I don’t know. oh no. oh no” and I bought tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes. But other than the bucket of tomatoes I bought for salsa making ($3!) I haven’t been enjoying my special tomatoes so much, mostly because they are all smushy. I’m going to be more careful about feeling my special Heirloom tomatoes up before I buy them if I go this weekend..

But I did make salsa, and I decided to make it with poblano peppers instead of jalepeno, because there were poblanos everywhere, and some of them were streaked with orange…so I nabbed those babies even though I think a poblano pepper is sort of wussy. Well, I take that back because the taste is definitely milder, but I could use a lot more seeded poblanos in my salsa making.

I just throw crap into my food processor until it taste good to me. I make salsa with a LOT of garlic. The ratio is 1 clove of garlic for each 3 tomatoes about.

So I made all this salsa, so I keep making food to eat with the salsa, which is funny since my children don’t eat salsa. But they will always eat sour cream.

Last night I fed the girlies almost white trash quesadillas. I made them with ground turkey ($0.69 @ Aldi!) and Campbell’s Cheddar =Cheese soup.

They are only “almost” white trash quesadillas because the ultimate white trash quesadilla would be made out of cut up hotdogs and cheddar cheese soup and have catsup on the side.

The girls were all about these quesadillas.

The only reason I even have any kind of cheese soups in my cupboard is that they are always on the food table that Second Harvest has at daycare every other Friday. And if you think I’m going to not take free food that is offered to me so readily, you are crazy.

The recipe for the quesadillas is on the can of the Campbell’s Southwestern Fiesta cheese soup, but there are many alternate recipes.. (none of which I found use this weird Southwestern Fiesta cheese soup which is kind of Monterey Jack cheese, not Cheddar, and way too spicy for my lame children. Maybe not, but I wasn’t chancing it) Let me tell you that when I say “many” I use it as a euphemism for “more than anyone could possibly imagine”.(and currently, none of my links would work so I took them out, and I am pissed. )

It was, as promised, fast and easy. And yummy.

I still made myself something better and yummier though- because I have lots and lots of cans of tuna in the cupboard. Which is good, because I love the tunafish..(“no bones!” yes thank you Nigel Tufnel) I made tuna quesadillas, which are improbably good.

I got a recipe for Tuna tacos once, long ago, from Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. It was out of Sassy magazine. (for fans of the old Sassy magazine, read Lucky magazine because the editor Kim France is a Sassy alum. I always figured Jane Pratt was what made Sassy special, but I don’t like Jane as much as Lucky. I know- it’s a magazine about “shopping”, but it’s my favorite.)

Anyway, Sassy and Lucky asides, aside- I really loved the softshell tuna tacos I used to make a la Kim Gordon. Those where more a tuna sandwich in a tortilla, whereas the tuna quesadillas I made myself last night were more of a tuna melt in a tortilla.

Tell you what. I’m totally having them again tonight for dinner, I’m just going to take pictures and post the recipe tomorrow.

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