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weasels, raccoons, and caramel-covered rabbits
2005-10-26 @ 9:45 p.m.

As a Halloween wish, you are allowed to transform yourself into a monster for the entire night. Your choices are astrong werewolf or a skipping wereweasel. Which do you choose and why?
I would want to be anything that skips! (except a record) Can I marry the werewolf? Is he cute?
You knock on the door of the dangerously senile old woman that lives at the end of your block. She answers and offers you either chocolate-filled villagers, fancy popcorn balls or a carmel-coated rabbit. Not wanting to be rude, which tasty treat do you select and why?

I'd take the rabbit. I've got a buddy who likes 'em..(okay he likes one rabbit)
Which Halloween fantasy do you prefer and why: Mary Hart dressed up as a scary tennis shoe or Paul Westerberg dressed up as a drinking raccoon?
It's so obvious why I'd pick a drunken Paul Westerberg stuck in my chimney or eating my trash, and I'm not going to explain it to people who don't understand.
Which is your favorite Halloween activity and why: Carving a face into a planet, bobbing for habitats or scaring kids with a masticating platter?

Bobbing for Habitats is a delight for ANY season (and somehow sounds filthy to me. A drooly plate ALSO sounds filthy, but not in as sexual a way..)
Which of the following is the best trick to play on that obnoxious neighbor that gave you a lousy bag of pennies as a treat: singing his trees with records or running his car windows with sneakers? Why?

There's no trick to running with sneakers. Except if you are me and you miss a step, sprain your instep, and pee your pants. Then just about everything is all trick, very little treat. For elaboration on this sad tale, go back one and read the end of the update time forgot)

Now go visit the master and make your own Halloween Madlib!

Apparently I can't shut up...
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