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strange endless loop
2005-11-14 @ 7:51 p.m.

This song starts it-

"Read all my books and talked about
Listen to my radio
Been to school and dropped right out
Tryin’ to find out what I didn’t know

But when my baby’s beside me, I go to work
When my baby’s beside me, all I know
When my baby’s beside me, I go to work
When my baby’s beside me, all I know"
-Big Star

And it always somehow turns into

"Monday, I'm all high
Get me out of FLA
I fooled ya
In school, yeah...


Now first of all, when I started writing this entry, I'll tell you that I was absolutely sure the above were the lyrics for the Big Star song. The entry was just about how I just thought it was funny that I would start off singing a song which seemed to be about being productive when you were happy, and I'd lapse into a song about mispent time.

And that would've been kind of funny. Except that I am disappointed to find of course, in my googling, that the Big Star lyric is actually this: "when my baby's beside me, I don't worry". It doesn't sound like that's what they sing. I listened over and over trying to hear the real words, as you usually can once you know them, and I swear I can't hear the line they are.
Of course, the person singing them is the same guy who needed a "ticket for an aeroplane" so it's understandable, if disappointing.

Why am I being a control freak about lyrics? I just thought it was so refreshing that guys were singing about how functional their girlsfriends made them.
The right way it's just another song about manic co-dependence and boys' racing minds full of uncontrollable paranoia about where their girlfriends are if they aren't with them. It's apparently worse because it can only eventually end in desperate flagellation behind "locked doors" that they probably don't tell their shrinks about anyway.

Not nearly as attractive as being so happy that you can accomplish anything , but certainly more universal.
It's still a really great song.

How cute is Chris Bell?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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