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Howdy Cy
2006-01-07 @ 2:02 p.m.

there is actual sunlight on my face. I know- it's a New Year's Miracle!

the actual sun, in the actual sky about the shed in my backyard.


These are simply the most perfect boots in the world. They are brown, they are stompin' -yet fashionable enough for work, they are comfortable enough to wear 5 days in a row, and they are called Frye "rebel" boots. They are suspiciously like the boots Robert Crumb often draws on women, and may be offered as substantiated proof that I am a Crumb Girl after all, an accusation that I've denied more than once since I only have wide hips, but skinny legs and no actual ass. What's a Crumb Girl you may be asking?

Crumb Girl
An actual Crumb Girl.


Emblazoned on the back of my newish hoodie. I know- that it would be on a brown hoodie is too good to be true. The luck of it. Obviously it was destined by the stars for me alone.

Okay- that's all I got right now. Go about your business.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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