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baby steps
2006-01-06 @ 11:15 p.m.

So it's a new year.

2006 apparently.

It's bound to be good. We're all primed to thrive.

I have accomplished owning 3 very cool new pairs of boots thanks to ebay.

photos to follow.

I ate dinner with April and her mom tonight and she sat between her sisters and announced "I was adopted".


She is insanely articulate. Not even three. I gave up the Rhodes Scholar for adoption proving that it's clearly nuture not nature.

But really, she is about as hilarious as the other two and when she gets cranky we get to leave.

I am going to update every day for a week.

Because it's an easier goal than getting the house clean or taking down the Christmas tree.

I really really like the star on top of the tree. Can I just keep a tree out for the star?

C'mon- it's not a decoration in the one has to know. I am very anti-social.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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