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2006-01-08 @ 10:41 a.m.

I got tagged with this. I could pretend that I wasn't paying attention, but that would be lame. Anyhow this won't be any more random than the usual.

5 Random things about mommylap

1. I love wearing brown. My uniform in high school was brown, and if you'd ever have told me just how much I would adore the color brown not 10 years after graduation, I'm not sure I would've believed it. Brown with pink, brown with light blue, brown with green, brown brown brown.

2. I've dated 2 drummers. I've slept with more than two. But that one was not a very good drummer, although he was the drummer in a rather high profile band at one point. That point was after I had slept with him which occurred mostly because he had a really great BMW motorcycle that I really liked to get rides on. Once I burned my calf on the very shiny exhaust pipe of his BMW motorcycle. That may have been the night I slept with him. I was very drunk, didn't notice how bad the burn was and when I decided it might be much worse than it felt I filled up a leg of a pair of tights with ice and tied it around the burn and proceeded to pass out. In the morning it didn't hurt either, but it was easily recognized as a burn that had emergency room written all over it. la di da.

3. The other day I decided to buy several root vegetables that I'd never tried. Parsnips and turnips. I was going to put them right into a stew, but took pause and boiled one each individually to taste it first. When the parsnip was boiling it smelled a lot like plastic. It tasted like radishes but I thought it had the texture of a woody carrot. So i concluded that a.) boiling wasn't the best cooking method for parsnips, and b.) no parsnips in the stew. the turnip was delicious though- juicy and sweet and I even tricked eep saying "Taste this potato for me and tell me what you think.." to which she said, "I don't like it, it tastes like a green bean." which was amazingly accurate. So the turnips didn't go into the stew either, (that time) but i like turnips at least as much as rutabagas. which is muchly.

4.) I can't just watch TV. I have to also knit, or read. however, I get super pissed off if anyone tries to say anything beyond incidental while I am trying to watch something.

5.) Karaoke revolution for PS2 completely rules. I would play it every day. I am thinking that getting the dance pad is the only way I might actually do cardio until i'm able to ride bike again this spring.

6.)My dad looks like robert deniro. my younger sisters' friends also have concluded he looks like eugene levy. he is much taller than either of those actors. he is neither italian nor jewish.

I just realized I did 6 things. Treat the karaoke revolution one as an aside. Since that's more Christmas topical...

I am tagging sera with this because we have a start updating pact. Also: smedindy,legalbeagle, dandydandy, and my rdhdprincess. Also if you play Karaoke Revolution, please leave record of your favorite song to perform in my comments. Tell me which volume you play also.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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