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2006-01-10 @ 8:56 p.m.

50 Pozole

POZOLE . A traditional soup or stew made with pork, chicken, both or (rumor has it if you click the link) human flesh (in olden times).

It's mostly pork and hominy. Hominy is apparently corn treated with lye, but it's YUMMY and I eventually got over it. It's corn with the texture of potatoes, and again I'll say- yummy.

This is my pozole.

pozole 02
Here is a picture of pozole with the many garnishes of radish, shredded cabbage, raw onion, and avocado.


Here is..what it says- the way I made it for myself for dinner, which is cilantro, jalapenos (San Marcos brand in the can, sliced and ever so delicious and best of all I got them free. Also extra yummy because there are pickled carrots in there with the peppers) a wedge of lime and a dollop o' sour cream.

It really can turn your entire day around.

I made my pozole by cooking a pork roast overnight in the crock pot with two crushed garlic cloves and just covering it with water (2 xups). Then I pulled the roast out and shredded the very tender meat and strained what was left in the crock pot by pouring it though a paper towel in the colander. I put diced onion and garlic in the soup pot after spraying it with olive oil Pam and cooked them until translucent. Then I added 4 cups of water, the strained stock (or pork fat, which was really all it could've been) and two chicken stock cubes. I used Miggo. I also threw in 2 cups of sliced carrot, I large can of white hominy, one can of black beans (I always rinse my canned beans before adding them because canned veggies are really high in sodium and I prefer to just add buttloads of actual salt myself) and the shredded pork. Once the carrots are tender it's done.

Garnish with yummies. I am the only one who will actually garnish my pozole, so I restrain myself from going all out with avocado and sliced radishes. I love sliced radishes on tacos though, and someday when I really want to indulge myself I will slice those radishes...



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