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2006-02-07 @ 2:12 p.m.

You all might be wondering, why I havenít been talking, or whatever..really itís nothing mysterious or anything. I canít update from work and when I get home I am a zombie. Itís a miracle that I can make dinner most evenings, and if we all need to bathe, -whoa. Itís like confetti and balloons should fall from the ceiling.

This morning I overslept because I guess I didnít turn my alarm on after making sure my phone was charged, and right there next to I woke up, thought it seemed a little too light and saw that it was far, far too late and charged around like I was fleeing the scene of a crime. But it must be easier to get my kids dressed and out the door than I like to pretend it is. Because I wasnít even late. I woke up when I usually leave, and I wasnít even late. This is a testament to the amount of time I just stand staring at the clothing I might wear. Bring back uniforms, and I mean now.

A lot of it must have to do with the fact that I usually have to make a choice between liking my attire, or being warm. Because usually when I feel cute it involves a skirt, and now that the weather is actually below freezing, I prefer warmth over cuteness. Or something. So cold = jeans with me.

Iíve been at work now, for over an hour- doing stuff, and I am still not what you might call awake. Iím drinking a vitamin water (revive) hoping that it pulls me from the muck my brain is sinking in, because it has worked before. It works better than caffeine which leads me to believe that itís not the caffeine that wakes me up at all, but rather the sugar. My brain needs actual fuel rather than stimulation. Or something. Honestly my brain would be perfectly happy just reading or running around in circles half awake. It just doesnít want to be in charge of my body functions, like even walking. Itís as if itís the size and strength of a child who has to help a heavy, tired, drunken body to bed. Who wants to do that? Not my brain- my brain wants to read Oscar Wilde quotes at the site ad naseaum. Or as much of Diablo Codyís archives as it can find. No philosophy, no motor skills, just entertain that gray, sodden, cauliflowerÖ.

Note: I wrote this at 9:30..since that time, I've been once again tortured with calls from my kid wanting to come home even though she doesn't have a fever, and I can't really leave work.

I'm the worst mother EVER, hooray!!

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