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Project Runway
2006-03-10 @ 1:37 p.m.

First of all, go read the masterís thoughts on the finale.

And Iím telling you- I too, was rooting for Santino- because Santino made me love him by the end of the season. It was love, then aggravation, then back to love. He was just so endlessly entertaining to me. To be in the same workroom with him, would have brought me joy.


(these may not work for you if you use Firefox, I re-installed explorer so I could feed my addiction)


So pretty

But when I actually saw the show (as opposed to looking at the Olympus Fashion Week stills, which I totally did do) I didnít love Santinoís line as much walking. I still didnít love Danielís either, because it was just not nearly fun enough to make me happy, but Chloeís line sort of came alive ďon the runwayĒ. It was still too shiny, but her fit? Nice. She can make skinny bitches look like they have curves. And that is saying something.

And I love this:
chloe lace

hereís the thing I really was most impressed with-

kara ensemble
Because did you think Kara Janx had this much fun in her?

I would want my runway show to be in that vibe. Nice energy.

But what it comes down to is that


That makes me pretty excited, really. As does the idea of Chloe + Banana Republic.

But I would like an Andrae doll, a Santino doll, and I just want to live in the same world with Tim Gunn.

I do already?

Okay, I want to live closer.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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