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the worst way to wake up
2006-04-17 @ 11:06 p.m.


Round about the other day the thing I fear(ed) most in all the world actually happened!

Was it my children turning into blueberries?

Was it abrupt adult acne?

Was it waking up to guinea pigs covering the floor? (that would scare the bejeesus out of me though- even hamsters all over the floor would freak me out- more than mice, loose rodent pets are scary to me..)

No. I woke up to find my glasses were snapped in half. Right on what I believe is called the bow that hangs on your nose.

They were BROKEN.

I didn't have any contacts since in my move I believe I must have somehow thrown away my backlog of them. The contacts completely disappeared. And there are no back up glasses either, and my glasses were snapped.

in half.

And I had to leave for work in 30 minutes. And get myself, and two children under the age of ten dressed too.

So first I tried to remember if I had really found duct tape, or if I was imagimembering I'd found duct tape. And then looking at the spot where my glasses were broken I decided duct tape wouldn't work anyway, and I tried super glue. Which really didn't work in any imaginable application of super whatsoever. But did permanently leave a fingerprint on my right lens.

So the duct tape, applied heavily ended up sort of working. Working enough to get me downtown to my office where I planned to bolt to Vision World to get an eye exam and contact fitting which would allow me to have vision again.

And that's what I did, and I had to wear contacts until the glasses I ordered came in 5 days later.

And I wore a lot of eye makeup to make myself feel better in the meantime.

Here I am whole again.


And yes- the whole point was to get almost exactly the same pair of glasses. I was very very aware of how desperately I have loved those glasses for lo- these past 4 years, and how they shape my entire identity.

So they are a little different, but mostly identical.


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