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repeat the sounding joy
2006-05-03 @ 2:37 p.m.

Hi Laura

Per our conversation, I'm very pleased to extend this offer to you.

Start Date: May 9, 2006
Salary: $32,000
Schedule: M-F standard business hours
Probation: 90 day Probationary Period from Start

That's from the director of operations at the company I was hired by. She's got an amazing amount of experience, and will be a great influence on me.

It's an administrative assistant job, and I'll get to do some billing, and assist with overseeing the call center that's in the office.

I was made for this job. I think I'm going to do really well.

So this offer anywhere would make me pretty happy, but check out my new commute....

route to work

That's 1.4 miles folks. A FOUR MINUTE DRIVE.

I can walk or bike to work without worry. I can't imagine ever being late for a daycare pickup.

Thanks to all of you, and your positive wishes and kind words in these past two weeks. I really believe your hopes for me kept me positive and factored in hugely to this quick rebounding.

And the fact that I can see the higher level I am reaching is pretty gratifying.

Also, there is some evidence that the office manager at my last position may either a) be trying to do the accounting (HA) or quit or was fired since there is a listing for a position with her job description at Mpls craigslist .
(link included for all you future applicants...hee hee hee)

I am a bit curious, but I'm so sure that nothing but sewage is swirling in that cesspool that I really can't care about that place anymore at all. I am glad to be delivered from it.

La di da...

Apparently I can't shut up...
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