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still shuffling
2006-05-23 @ 7:48 a.m.

I got tons more done in my house yesterday too!

And there's still tons more to do.

I moved the big desk (big now that the oak mofo is outside) with the hutch into the living room, because I only have front windows in my living room. The north facing wall just needs a focal point (like a window) and so the desk with the hutch makes a nice anchor.

So I moved my cute yellow craft/sewing desk into the library and realized how small it is compared to the desk it was supposedly replacing. Which is why I was going that route, because really a day bed and library table (cough,cough dining rm table) is really enough big furniture in one room, but the computer is not going to fit upon the wee desk.

And the computer is not going in the living room because the TV lives there.

So I am mid-shift/organize right now. I have to move a bookshelf next to have everything the way it's meant to be, and I moved enough heavy furniture yesterday.

So the other yellow desk will get to come into play, and it is exactly up for the function I am seeking. It tells me I won't be disappointed I chose it for the task!

I'm close enough to the end of the shuffle, not to care that much anymore.

But that might change, and if so- it's a good thing there's a whole summer of garage sales before me. Because furniture somehow knows when it's supposed to be mine. Even when I don't quite understand it myself until later.

But that's another entry.

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