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a commercial break
2006-05-25 @ 11:22 a.m.

I have to talk about it, it was the finale.

And if you really think that I could actually NOT watch an entire season of AI, you'd be wrong.

I quit after it was down to 12, because I couldn't stand the crap that came out of the judges mouths, but that resolve only lasted about 4 weeks.


I thought it was the best finale show ever. Like the entertainment value was excellent for fun, music and horror. Oh- and almost no judges at all, which was great too!

I thought it really made a case to go see the AI tour, and I don't think I've ever thought that before.

Elliot came back this week relaxed, super confident, and sang his ass off.

I mean it.

If he had sang "One" or "A House Is Not A Home" during the past few weeks it might have been a different two in the end. I'll admit that I also really enjoyed Mary J. Blige singing "One", except for that Elliot was silenced until the end, and I would have rather heard him sing the whole song.

Really- that was the universal song that could have made Elliot win the nation.

I love Burt Bacharach, and his songs are all pretty difficult to sing, but the medley was great- right down to figuring out a way to make Kellie Pickler a highlight, because "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" was perfect for her.

It's funny because the whole season I really liked Chris Daughtry a lot, and last night I was totally meh about EVERYTHING he sang except for when he did "Tobacco Road"- I thought that was cool.

In closing I will only say Prince performing as if to say "y'all won't never be a genuis like me, idols" was swell, and why oh why can't the first original songs we hear these singers perform ever not suck?

Why? WHY!?

PS- I loved the new Carrie Underwood song- I really did.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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