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As for uphill adventures, I actually prefer a bike- it's sort of harder, but faster..
2006-06-21 @ 9:43 a.m.

smedindy called me the poster girl for "When It Rains, It Pours"..but I like umbrellas, and I don't mind getting wet. So being that the universe is completely hip to its responsibilities to me, check out last night's chaos- The girls were both on the Honor Roll at the end of the year, Paulina on the academic honor roll, and Elizabeth on the Leadership Honor Roll, which in her case meant she got recognized as one of the "9 who Shine" (K-8, 9 recognized kids-get it?) and a few years ago when she got this honor she got to be on the float for her school in the Northeast Parade. But I hear nothing about the parade, and I wasn't sure if the school still had a float in it. Especially since it's been only a week since school ended and Elizabeth got the award.


I pull up to school to pick up the girls- driving the van, whose brakes are squealing, because Paulina's gymnastics class is supposed to start tonight. Which is a drag, because it means crossing the parade route. But I figure, we'll go and maybe watch the parade for a while after or something. After all, I stopped at home to change thinking "bootstraps! I must pull up my bootstraps!" to the point that I very nearly put my motorcycle boots on, but decided it was simply too hot for I put on my orange low-top chucks with their imaginary bootstraps pulled up.

But when I get to school- there's a float there! So I run up and ask one of the teachers if Elizabeth, as one of the 9 who Shine is supposed to be on the float..they say sure, and I tell them I'm just signing her out of daycare and she'll be right out.

Which we do really fast, but as we exit, the float is pulling away! We wave furiously, but the people riding the float just wave back thinking we're being friendly. Elizabeth starts to cry. "DON'T WORRY!" I say, "We'll just follow the float until they stop and you can get on!" and we proceed to chase the float all the way to the staging grounds, with Elizabeth fretting the entire way. Paulina, by the way, is being sort of a champ since we are going to all this effort and she's not getting to be on the float even though she was the academic honor roll choice for her class. When we finally get to the staging grounds, we are several cars behind the float and seem like we won't ever be able to catch up. So I park and we run up ahead and I tell Jen the principal, that I had asked if Elizabeth should be on the float before going into daycare, and they said she could be- and Jen is confused for a second and brightens saying "because she's one of the Nine Who Shine!" and I laugh, and she can go on the float and she gets on and WHEW.

And then I ask Paulina, "what's more important, going to gymnastics today, or going right to watch the parade. Chances are, the float won't have gone by until after gymnastics is over anyway..." and so we go to gymnastics. And after gymnastics, we get to the parade and I am worried we missed the float (not terribly worried because I know Elizabeth will call my cell phone if they are back at school) and eventually she does, and we go to school to pick her up, and I feel like a bad mom because I didn't get to see her on the float, and I didn't even think to lie and say "We saw you, it was terrific!!"

That's okay, because Elizabeth was mostly really excited she was on the float.

Are you exhausted from that spontaneous chaos? I totally am.

So, I was supposed to drop my car off last night, but there was no one home to watch the girls (the houseguest had gone to a job interview, and then was hanging out with his buddy who drove him there until late) so I didn't drop the car off because the girls didn't want to walk home from the shop with me (it's like 5 blocks) and I didn't want to leave them at home. This morning I woke up early to do it and I couldn't get the car out of park. The shift lever's button won't press in so I can put it in gear.

On Friday night in the massive downpour (with hail!) our street completely flooded, so much that even the sidewalk was under 2 inches of water. So I figured it was something to do with the car's undercarriage getting soaked... when I got into work, I found out that it's probably the brake-shift interlock and this info (Thanks Google!) pretty much confirms it for me: "This sounds like the interlock linkakge is gummed up with spilled soft drinks etc. the override on the shift interlock is located just to the right of the position indicator, there is a small round cover just smaller than a dime, carefully remove cover and take a pencil or screwdriver and depress white plastic portion of the mechanism to release the lock. You can remove the center console cover to get the shifter easy out in the open and get it cleaned up with a household cleaner like 409 and hot water." So it's more water from the road flooding the car, but yeah. So the car won't be dropped off until later if and when that little glitch is straightened out. OR it'll be towed to the shop where they'll tell me that the transmission might be shot..ha HA

But I got a great e-mail from my friend Mike, HI MIKE!, who googled himself and found this entry, where he is mentioned, and e-mailed me. He's been living in Germany for 10 years! He actually e-mailed me a few weeks ago, and so I spend a lot of my time checking my yahoo address to see if I got an e-mail from Mike. (when I'm not checking that e-mail to see if comic book publishers I'm crushing on as if they were freaking David Cassidy wrote me back. Which I keep forgetting that he DID, and I need to flirt with that mofo RIGHT NOW..geez) But hearing from Mike has been awesome, and finding out he is persusing my archives and loving my writing (he said it's LIFE AFFIRMING, folks- that's awfully nice, because that's about exactly the only comment I could ever hope for, pretty much).

So that was last night! I still am waiting to hear my landlord's reaction to the news that I have to extra money to catch up with the past rent I still owe, but I won't get any farther behind at least! (legal aside to Leah- they acknowledged that I still owe for May and paid the current rent, so if we end up going to court, I've got that in my favor, isn't that lucky?)

So I guess my unlucky spirits are at least high, right?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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