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season to taste
2006-07-12 @ 2:05 p.m.

Cable wants my soul.

Rescue Me is completely bewitching me again. I swear, it's very close to my all time favorite show. The others that would be in the running are Homicide:Life on the Street, Oz, The Corner, Buffy, and Firefly. But the Joss shows I never watched on TV in (as they say) "real time" so they maybe can't count. As you can tell, I generally like criminal behavior and misogyny in my shows. Denis Leary just got nominated for an Emmy, but he's not even the best character/actor on the show.

Project Runway Season Three is starting tonight! I am so excited. What is life without Tim Gunn? It is empty. Tim Gunn should be my Watcher. (in the sense that every slayer has a watcher, just to over-explain it) I can't even wait- there will be designers to get to know through challenges and interviews! I know there won't be anything I could possibly love as much as Santino's "What happened to Andrae?" Tim Gunn impression, other than Tim Gunn of course. But there's a girl (she's 24 and I can so call her a girl for that) from Minneapolis! So much to begin to unfold....

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is just wrong. I haven't seen anything this wrong since Reno 911. Don't let Danny DeVito scare you away from FX, because you might be sorry. Unless you're not because it's not your thing at all, and I've disgusted you by accidentally squeezing a big slice of lime into your chili. I'm sorry- I really like lime in know how you all should be- season to taste.

I'm not even going to start yet about how excited I am for Alton Brown's new show starting in a few weeks. Alton may be insanely anal, but he is totally still my food channel boyfriend. He makes me want to stock my kitchen shelves and call it a pantry. Even though it was the evil Emeril who showed me just how easy it is to make key lime pie. Which I now, cannot wait to make. And because I know how to make a simple syrup, what on earth will keep me from candying citrus zest, and lime and grapefruit slices even if I have no idea what to use their glorious garnishing powers on? I will have to make jello and garnish it with the fancy candied citrus. I bet that's how you make candied ginger too. I bet I can make my OWN candied ginger now. This bears investigation of the immediate sort.

The girls are still in trouble. They can't go outside until Saturday. I mean, they go outside at daycare, so they get outside- it's just once we enter the realm of our block, the block they are not supposed to leave, the leash gets really short. This week the leash doesn't let them go much further than their bedroom. I bet by Saturday I'll be thinking "Go outside! Go to Boom Island, I don't care- just don't talk to any strangers and look both ways as you cross the street!" It's very hard to punish children, especially when you can't go see Pirates of the Carribean without them.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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