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PR, Season 3 hello
2006-07-13 @ 10:37 a.m.

Yay! Project Runway started last night and I'm so excited!!

I wasn't excited about the innovation challenge at all though- although it was really funny to see the designers all rip apart their new apartments for their materials.

What I loved was that everyone made something wearable, and not costumey, but pretty for the most part!

It's hard at the beginning with so many designers. I get more excited as the season moves forward and there's more focus on fewer folks- but there's a lot of talent this season for sure.

I loved Robert's dress- I thought it was the winner over Keith's, but Keith is pretty and came out of the gate so strong and is the first time I can think of where a designer listening to their gut was the winning choice over listening to Tim's feedback.

I was blown away with Michael's coffee filter dress- it was GORGEOUS. That was the most innovative too, in my book, and I will not be so quick to dismiss that one.

I definitely felt like Stacy was the one to go since she couldn't even use an industrial machine. For the record, industrial equipment only performs one basic function, and will perform it really fast. So there would be straight-stitch machines, 3 and 4 thread sergers, possibly a zig-zag machine or buttonhole machine, and if they were really lucky a coverstitch machine because it makes beautiful topstitching (you know all your clothes with two lines of straight topstitching? Like the outside seam of your jeans? That's done with a coverstitch finishes the inside and the outside in the one process, and it's great for sportswear. But they probably don't have one since most challenges are executed so quickly that there aren't even a lot of designs with sleeves! But Jefferey being jacketman is a nice addition, and I think if he stays I'll be impressed at least once. Trying to do too much isn't the greatest sin.

Vincent was nuts and I can't help but like him, although the hat was wrong enough without the chain accessorizing. Jeesh.

Yay! Yay! I can't wait until next week! kitchenlogic, Katherine Gerdes IS Cynthia Gerdes kid- check it out! No mention was made of this, only the Hell's Kitchen connection. I hope her youth doesn't get her eliminated. I like that she puts models in big boots.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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