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final proof that wearing nerdy Buddy Holly glasses means nothing other than that I am a nerd.
2006-08-11 @ 8:52 a.m.

I got a call to arms last night, and I was asleep.

I was all in dozing mode at 11:02 when my phone started singing Billie Holiday at me and I was befuddled by the started with a 1 prefix and I was all "what number is that? what should I DO?! Ack! " (because you know, us hipsters don't just answer the phone when it rings because it might be some debt collector snare..) It was too late to be a collector, and it seemed to early to be a drunk friend and it looked like it was long distance, and it suddenly occurred to me that I should simply ANSWER IT.

So I did.

And it was KATHY ! (the drunk part remains suspect) And of course she started the call with like, a sentence with like four sentences worth of content, and my brain was all full of Benadryl and questioning me as to why we were aborting logging off for the night, but it was Kathy who was having car trouble and waiting for AAA less than a mile from me!

But I just wasn't getting it. The only thing I fixed on was where she was, and then I sort of knew where she was, but when I said I'd be right there she told me that it was fine and she was sorry she woke me up.

Of course, being asleep at 11:00 has shattered her image of me forever. She must not know that for hipsters early mornings are the new up past bar time. She should've assumed that I was waking up from the nap I take every night before I go hit the scene about midnight...(hee! But wait- I actually know people who do that. If I was good with napping, I could be one of those people, but naps usually make me slogged up and crankified.)

I was so out of it for the entirety of the conversation that I didn't even say anything pertinent like "I don't have a car!" (not valid since she was like, 2 minutes away by bike). And I totally wasn't informed that there were lawn chairs available.

I totally should have biked over in my jammies. Then your crew could have seen how hip I am.

(I should totally get a housecoat for such occasions!)

Apparently I can't shut up...
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