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2006-08-14 @ 10:59 a.m.

I have a car that will start, shift out of park, and doesn't overheat, AND the air conditioner works!

It still is kind of dampish/moldy smelling from the street flooding into it, but hopefully Lysol really does kill mildew, because I don't want everybody in a state of constant allergic arrest.

The Ford Escort LX station wagon rides low folks..don't you deny it. It's not the car to park on the street if your street is gonna flood.

I went to the Farmer's Market in the rain yesterday and bought a huge bag of red peppers (it was displayed in a basket, but they don't GIVE you the basket) and I finally got the Holy Grail of Summer for lap- Heirloom Tomatoes..

This is true decadence for me, because I am the only tomato eater in my house. I almost want to document my daily tomato as to what kind it is and then review it for taste,acidity etc, except that I was too wet to write down all the different kinds on my lovely plate. Except I can't forget the "Ox Heart" because it looks like that organ. Fancy people call it "Cuor di Bue" but I'm not fancy, I just like tomatoes...I got one that was fuzzy like a peach, and I didn't get as many green or purple ones as I should have. I was all drawn to the yellow and orange plates since it was gray outside.

If anyone asks me "What's for Dinner?" I get to say "TOMATOES!" and I get to say that every day.

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Apparently I can't shut up...
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