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foxy grandmas and more jewel T
2006-09-14 @ 4:08 p.m.


Florence Poehlman (Nana)



My grandpa George, my great-grandma Robey with my Aunt Jo on her lap, and Nana.

My dad scanned these today. Funny how there's no pictures of him there.

I got quite a collection of the Jewel T dishes too, I'm really excited. I actually have service for 8 now, and some lovely service pieces. She even has the 3-tier plate in mint condition, but there was no hardware in the box, so it's really just 3 graduated size plates with holes in them.


I'm so excited about these dishes, and how beautiful they are, and the fact that I get to look at them all the time and touch them, that I can't even tell you. Will you think I'm dumb to tell you on a certain level I feel complete now? I also feel like I really tricked the universe since I have a china cabinet, beautiful dishes, and a matching bedroom set and I didn't have to have a wedding (or even be a real adult) to get any of them. I won't go to the "had to lose my Nana" place, because I know she is giggling right now saying "oh honey, I can't believe you even love all this old stuff!" I can actually feel her smiling at my glee, and it makes the world feel right.

You know what else? There's a magazine article filled with reminiscences that ladies had about the Jewel T company, that sold the Hall Superior Quality Autumn Leaf dinnerware door to door too. It has a note on it written in Nana's handwriting in the third person. And Kathy?- there was even a lady door-to-door salesperson for Jewel T in Green Bay, WI (hi Weetabix!)too. I can't wait to show you the article..

Apparently I can't shut up...
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