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What's with the Pyrex? She asks me!
2006-12-12 @ 4:31 p.m.

It's not like Pyrex isn't the most practical stuff on the planet, and it all started with the solid color mixing bowls I kept seeing at flea markets. Then I realized that Pyrex made refrigerator dishes, and I felt I had to have some. Since I was searching ebay for colors, some recurring patterns came up, and I found the friendship pattern super cute (and duh, it was orange and red).

But once you start researching Pyrex patterns…you get fascinated.


My favorites, are Friendship, Spring Blossom green (also known as Crazy Daisy), and Early American (although had I not found these Cinderella bowls really cheap at a thrift store, I might not have gotten them because I am not crazy about metallic, but I do really like brown pyrex, and I am just not capable of passing up the biggest Pyrex bowl I’ve ever found just because it has some gold on it.) I’m glad too, because I really love the two Early American bowls I have.

pyrex 1
I have a 4 dish set, because I have two of the small dishes.

I have the full Verde set of refrigerator dishes (they are my favorite) and also have a set that is a merging of the Friendship pattern and citrus, and one of the primary yellow small dishes. Of all the solid colors, the primary set is my least favorite because I don’t really like the green, or the yellow of the set. I am obsessed with finding brown pyrex fridge dishes now though, so I am obviously crazy.

And even if I have enough Pyrex now, (Enough? ENOUGH? Like there is ever enough Pyrex) I would love to find bowls in Gooseberry (especially the pink) and New Dot.

I can totally resist most of the patterns that are on white, although not when they are complete sets with lids for $1 at garage sales.

I’d really

What's with my spelling and grammar? DISFUNCTIONAL?! (sorry Lauren, now we'll never truly be close) “the bin of fabric I resourcing for curtains”? Because when I sew I become Frankenstein?

What’s the difference between Cioppino or Brodetto, I wonder. If you google Italian Fish Stew both recipes come up, and their ingredients seem really similar. I guess I would want to make either, but saying Cioppino is more fun. Because I find the “ch” sound fun I guess.

Not that I am planning on MAKING Cioppino for any potential houseguests who really obsess about the time they had some at some mall restaurant or anything.

I haven’t posted pictures yet, because I have no internet connection at home presently, and am not clever about other ways to upload my pictures to the internet. I suppose I will have to find a resource, soon or you will all not be able to envy me enough!

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